Upon your arrival we will share details with you all about the best ouzeri and tsipouradika restaurants and taverns in town, the nearby beaches and your daily getaways.


– 300 m. from the apt.

The neighborhood beach.


– 800 m. from the apt.


– 111 km from the apt.

is a piece of Paradise on Earth, a Euboean diamond, waiting for you here to offer you generous beauty, relaxation, swimming, play, romance, but also sports like surfing and kite-surfing.


– 115 km from the apt.

A combination of the Caribbean and the Maldives just 2 hours close to your apartment. Petalioi, is a picturesque neighborhood of 10 small islands, extending in the southern Evian Gulf, opposite Marmari.


– 850 m. from the apt.


– 1.2 km from the apt.


– 6 km from the apt.

A magnificent sandy beach with a beautiful view and clear water. Its light-blue waters with white and soft sand enchant even the most demanding visitor.


– 7 km from the apt. Swim on the beautiful beach with the sandy bottom, overlooking Chalkida. On the beach, there are many taverns and restaurants, and ouzeri, which have all the amenities for a good time.


– 85 km from the apt. One of the most popular beaches with sand and pebbles. After swimming you enjoy the best fresh sea-food and delicacies at one of the several restaurants by the water.


– 78 km from the apt.

Picturesque village in North Evia built on the sea. The heart of Limni beats on its coastal area, where tourists and locals meet to enjoy swimming and their coffee or food, overlooking the Euboean Gulf and the lush mountain slope.


– 70 km from the apt.

One of the most picturesque beaches in Greece, Korasida, is a beautiful pebble beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters. And a perfect combination of mountain and sea.


– 60 km from the apt.

It is a 'flat' beach with rare beauty with sand and pebbles of all sizes. Various rocks are sown in and out of the sea, splitting the coast into smaller beaches. Climbing athletes often practice their skills on the rocks around Chiliadou Beach.


– 45 km from the apt.

Α very beautiful beach with pebbles but also with very dark cherry-brown sand. It is a great choice for your summer day getaways!


– 65 km from the apt.

Is a picturesque little port with cafes and fish taverns and fine sand beach. Inside the harbor you find Spela beach with beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds, while nearby are Limiona, Kakolimano, Gardo, Klimaki, Liani Ammos, Cheromilos, Magiras, Korasida beaches.



– 4 km from the apt.

Fishing village for those looking for fine seafood with many ouzo bars and taverns serving delicious appetizers, from the Evian Gulf and a variety of dishes. Nea Lampsakos is known for its ouzeri taverns not only in the wider region but also in the whole of Greece.


– 8 km from the apt.

A coastal town with an idyllic beach of 6 km and a picturesque port. Along the beach there are taverns that offer delicious food and ouzo appetizers.

According to Homer, the 1,200+ ships of the Achaeans sailed from here for the Trojan War, after King Agamemnon “sacrificed” his daughter Iphigenia on the altar of Artemis.



– 8 km from the apt.

The main beach is very popular with the locals for the dozens of ouzo bars, tsipouro restaurants, taverns and cafes where you enjoy in addition to your food and drink and an incredible view.



– 30 km from the apt.

Picturesque and serene with its running water, its coolness and its amazing local products invites you for a day trip.



– 48 km from the apt.

One of the most beautiful areas not only of Evia but of the whole of Greece. On the way to the Agios Ioannis Rossos church. Visit also the Wooden Museum of the forest. The area is generally full of small chapels.


– 10 km from the apt.

At the foot of a steep hill in Central Evia, the houses of a rural town, Fylla, stretch. At the top of the hill dominate the remains of a medieval castle, known as Castelli and offers stunning views.